David Austin Roses: Fragrant

teasinggeorgiaroseZone 5 H(4-6′) W(4′)
3 gal. $39.00
5 gal. $49.00

Teasing Georgia Rose
Rosa ‘Ausbaker’
Flowers have a cupped formation. The center petals are of a rich, deep yellow, while the outer petals fade to palest yellow providing a two-tone effect. Fragrant. Good disease resistance.


OldWollertonHallRoseZone 5 H(5′) W(3′)
3 gal. $30.00
5 gal. $49.50

Wollerton Old Hall Rose
Rosa ‘Ausblanket’
One of the most fragrant English roses. Plump buds with flashes of red, which open to form round, soft apricot colored blooms. Flowers eventually become a softer cream color. Upright form. Fewer thorns than other varieties.

HeritageRoseZone 5 H(5′) W(4′)

Heritage Rose
Rosa ‘Ausblush’
Fragrant, medium-sized blooms arrive a very soft pink at the center, while the outer petals are almost white. Well-rounded shrub with strong, bushy growth and grey-ish green foliage. Almost thorn-less.

AbrahamDarbyRoseZone 5 H(5′) W(5′)

Abraham Darby Rose
Rosa ‘Auscot’
In early summer deeply cupped blooms arrive in shades of pink, apricot and yellow. Flowers continue to be produced for the remainder of the season. They have a rich, fruity fragrance.

LDBraithwaiteRoseZone 4 H(4.5′) W(4′)

L.D. Braithwaite Rose
Rosa ‘Auscrim’
Brightest crimson coloring of all the English Roses. The blooms open wide and are slightly cupped. They are produced freely and flower with remarkable continuity.

DarceyBussellRoseZone 4 H(3′) W(2′)
5 gal. $49.00

Darcey Bussell Rose
Rosa ‘Ausdecorum’
Short, bushy growth. Double crimson flowers.

MaryRoseZone 5 H(4′) W(4′)
3 gal. $31.00
5 gal. $49.00

Mary Rose
Rosa ‘Ausmary’
Fragrant, rose pink, loose blooms of medium size, which flower with unusual regularity throughout the summer. A first class, very reliable garden shrub of medium size with well-shaped, twiggy growth and nice foliage.

grahamthomasroseZone 5 H(4′) W(4′)
3 gal. $49.99

Graham Thomas Rose
Rosa ‘Ausmas’
Fragrant, rich, pure yellow flowers. Smooth green foliage. Blooms from early summer onwards.

CharlotteRoseZone 4 H(3′) W(2-3′)

Charlotte Rose
Rosa ‘Auspoly’
Soft yellow fragrant flowers. Excellent green foliage and a compact, bushy habit, with even, upright growth.