Carpet Roses

Amber Flower CarpetZone 5 H(2-3′) W(2-3′)
2 gal. $26.50
3 gal. $39.00

Amber Flower Carpet
Rosa ‘Amber Flower’
From soft red buds emerge a profusion of semi-double peachy amber flowers, fading to seashell pink. Unlike other Flower Carpet roses, the blossoms are fragrant and also feature higher disease resistance, with excellent heat and humidity tolerance.

noalesaZone 4 H(3′) W(3′)
2 gal. $26.50

Yellow Flower Carpet
Rosa ‘Noalesa’
Large sprays of attractive yellow flowers that won’t fade in the sun. A mid-season bloomer that repeats throughout the season. This mildly fragrant, disease resistant rose is tolerant of drought once established.

Noamel Rose

Zone 5 H(2-3′) W(2-3′)
2 gal. $27.99

Appleblossom Flower Carpet
Rosa ‘Noamel’
Glossy green foliage and pastel pink blooms arranged in large clusters. Simple to maintain, exceptionally disease resistant.

White Flower CarpetZone 5 H(2-3′) W(3′)
2 gal. $26.50

White Flower Carpet Rose
Rosa ‘Noaschnee’
Easy care groundcover with sparkling white blooms. Extra long flowering season. Resistant to mildew and black spot, and tolerant of drought once established.

Pink Supreme Flower CarpetZone 5 H(1-2′) W(5-7′)
2 gal. $26.50

Pink Supreme Flower Carpet
Rosa ‘Pink Supreme
Deep green, shiny, disease-resistant foliage grows vigorously to form a low, spreading, mounding plant that soon covers itself with buds. Hot, fuschia pink semi-double flowers. Color throughout the season and an incredibly easy care nature.

Scarlet Flower CarpetZone 5 H(2-3′) W(3′)
2 gal. $26.50

Scarlet Flower Carpet Rose
Rosa ‘Scarlet
This carefree groundcover shrub produces masses of brilliant, scarlet red flowers spring through fall. Its glossy, dark green foliage is resistant to mildew and black spot. Highly adaptable and tolerant of dry conditions once established. Full sun.