Zone 4  H(3′) W(2′)
2 gal. $23.10
3 gal. $36.50

Autumn Britten Raspberry
Rubus ‘Autumn Britten’
Autumn Britten Raspberry has a much better fruit firmness and is also a better producer. It ripens 3 weeks before Heritage. The berries are long, conical shaped, with bright red color and good flavor.

Zone 4  H(4′) W(2′)
2 gal. $23.10

Bristol Black Raspberry
Rubus ‘Bristol’
Is a fruit that is black and large with attractive, fairly glossy skin and firm flesh. Berries have excellent quality and good flavor and are good for canning and freezing as well as fresh eating. It is very hardy, high producing, vigorous and ripens in mid-July. Bristol shows tolerance to powdery mildew.

Zone 4 H(4-6′) W(4-6′)
1 gal. $16.99
2 gal. $25.99

Caroline Raspberry
Rubus ‘Caroline’
Vigorous and productive red raspberry. Ripens July-August, sun to part shade. Well drained soil.

Zone 4 H(5′) W(2′)
2 gal. $21.45
3 gal. $29.00

Heritage Raspberry
Rubus ‘Heritage’
Flavorful fruit in mid-July. Produces another crop in September.

Zone 4 H(5′) W(3′)
2 gal. $23.10

Jaclyn Raspberry
Rubus ‘Jaclyn’
Vigorous plant whose fruit is large dark red, firm and has intense flavor. Plant 4 – 6 ft. apart to allow spreading. Fruits in summer and early fall.

Zone 4 H(5′) W(4′)
1 gal. $16.99

Latham Raspberry
Rubus ‘Latham’
Red, ripening over a long period. A sure cropper for home and commercial use.

Zone 4 H(4′) W(3′)
2 gal.  $25.99

Polana Raspberry
Rubus ‘Polana’
Early red fruit in July and again in August.

Zone 4 H(4′) W(2′)

Reveille Red Raspberry
Rubus ‘Reveille’
Firm flavorful red raspberry bearing in late summer.