Form of Quercus alba (white oak)Zone 3 H(50-80′) W(50-80′)
10 gal. $169.00

White Oak

Quercus alba
Pyramidal when young, but matures into a substantial tree with a wide-spreading, rounded crown. Leaves emerge pinkish in spring, but mature to dark green. Variable fall color ranges from browns to quality shades of dark red. White oak grows over much of eastern North America and is an important hardwood timber tree. Widely used in landscapes, but slow growth rate and large size has somewhat tempered its popularity. Best grown in rich, moist, acidic, well-drained loam in full sun. Adapts to a wide variety of soil conditions with good drought tolerance.

White OakZone 3 H(70′) W(50′)
10 gal. $169.00
2.5 – 3″ cal. $299.00

Swamp White Oak
Quercus bicolor
Pyramidal when young growing into an upright, rounded wide habit. Dark green foliage.

Pin OakZone 4 H(75′) W(40′)
7 gal. $99.00
10 gal. $139.00
15 gal. $189.00
20 gal. $199.00

Pin Oak
Quercus palustris
A broad pyramidal tree with dense, downward growing lower branches. Leaves deep glossy green turning bronze in fall. Leaves stay well into winter.

Red OakZone 3 H(75′) W(75′)
10 gal. $129.00
20 gal. $189.00
25 gal. $349.00
4 – 4.5″ cal. $499.00

Red Oak
Quercus rubra
Native, rounded pyramidal crown, reddish-bronze fall foliage. Needs well drained soils. Late sprouting leaf. Fast growing.