Zone 4 H(8-10′) W(3-4′)

Bluebell Grape
Vitus ‘Bluebell’
More tender then Concord and hardy. Very good table quality ripens in September.

Zone 5 H(15-20′) W(15-20′)
2 gal. $23.10

Canadice Grape
Vitus ‘Canadice
Red seedless variety with compact fruit clusters of large berries. Ripens in mid-September Through October, it is considered to be a good grape for fresh eating. With its large, shallowly-three-lobed, green foliage, it has flowers that are attractive to bees and ripe fruit is attractive to some hornets and wasps. This grape tolerates a wide range of soil conditions, but must have good drainage. Needs a good support system like fences, walls, trellises, or arbors. Grapes need full sunlight and high temperatures to ripen, so plant on southern slopes, the south side of windbreaks, or the south sides of buildings. Birds love grapes, so be sure to plant some to share.

Zone 4 H(15-20′) W(15-20′)
2 gal. $23.10

Concord Grape
Vitus ‘Concord’
Self-polinating, purple fruit that ripens in September. Full sun.

Zone 4 H(10-15′) W(3-4′)

Edelweiss Grape
Vitus ‘Edelmiss’
Green – white grape with high sugar content. Most disease resistant grape there is. Dessert and wine grapes.

Zone 5-8 H(8-10′) W(4-5′)
2 gal. $22.00

Himrod Grape
Vitus ‘Himrod’
Yellow gold long loose clusters of medium sized grapes. High quality seedless white grape.

Zone 4 H(20+)

Niagara Grape
Vitus ‘Niagara’
The fresh grape is large and juicy, round to oval-shaped, pale greenish-white in color and has a sweet, very pleasant aroma. Niagara grapes are used as table grapes and for wines, as well as jams and juice.

Zone 5 H(10-15′) W(3-4′)

Reliance Grape
Vitus ‘Reliance’
Red seedless. Mid season. Disease resistant.