Staking Instructions

  • Stake all trees over 5 feet tall
  • Use materials that won’t stretch when wet (Rope will not do!)
  • Attach materials 2/3 the way up the tree. (6 feet high if you have a 9 foot tree)
  • Set stakes in undisturbed earth

Additional Notes:

It is common when planting for branches to break and turn brown. Prune dead branches back to a live healthy branch.

Apply a 3″ mulch later around the plant(s) but not agains the stems or trunk.

Spraying the foliage with water from hose is an inefficient way to water and may increase the chance of leaves being infected with a fungus or disease problem.

Do not try to save a stressed plant, you can drown or kill it. Call us and explain your concerns, or email a photo to