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Roses & Annuals Sale!

25% Off Roses

50% Off Annuals and Hanging Baskets
Cash & Carry (Plants must be picked up day of sale)

**Sale Expired**


Sale Valid through 8/31/16

All Broadleaf Evergreens & Deciduous Shrubs 25% Off!
*Sale Excludes Hibiscus, Holly, Hydrangeas, Roses, Summersweet, & Winterberry*


All Annuals, Hanging Baskets, & Vegetables 50% Off!

**Deciduous Trees, Fruit Bearing Plants, Needled Evergreens, & Perennials are also not included in this sale**

*Sale Valid through 8/31/16*

*All Plants Purchased on Discount are NOT Guaranteed*

Starting September 4th, we will be closed on Sundays