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Sale – Plants 50% Off! Fall is for Planting!

50% off all live plants!

We have pumpkins, gourds, cornstalks, hay bales, aster, kale and more for your fall decorating needs!

Bulbs are in!
Now is the time to get your bulbs planted for those early spring blooms!

Sod & plants that need to be dug or need re-bagging are exempt from sale. 
Cash & Carry (Plants must be picked up day of purchase)

**Sale Expired**


Sale Valid through 8/31/16

All Broadleaf Evergreens & Deciduous Shrubs 25% Off!
*Sale Excludes Hibiscus, Holly, Hydrangeas, Roses, Summersweet, & Winterberry*


All Annuals, Hanging Baskets, & Vegetables 50% Off!

**Deciduous Trees, Fruit Bearing Plants, Needled Evergreens, & Perennials are also not included in this sale**

*Sale Valid through 8/31/16*

*All Plants Purchased on Discount are NOT Guaranteed*

Starting September 4th, we will be closed on Sundays